The Saint Andrew’s Society of San Francisco

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The Saint Andrew’s Society of San Francisco


The Saint Andrew's Society of San Francisco

Our society joins men and women of Scottish birth and those of the same heritage in a bond of culture and benevolent purpose, the latter best expressed in our motto:


Aid to people of Scots origin or decent in distress remains an important function for us. We cooperate frequently with the British Benevolent Society of San Francisco, organized in 1846 and join with such organizations as the Daughters of Scotia and the Daughters of the British Empire in special projects.

Our Board of Student Assistance helps students of the same background who are from Northern California, who are in their last two years of college or are in graduate studys. In terms of culture promotion, encouragement in tangible form is given to bagpipe bands, Highland dance groups and Celtic music study.

Our society maintains contact with other Scottish organizations on a state-wide and national basis and exchanges greetings annually with a hundred societies around the world. Our Hospitality Tent is a feature of Highland Games throughout Northern California.

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